Men in Mind Hand & Body Lotion


Men in Mind Lotion can be used as an after shave as well as a hand & body lotion. It is an excellent moisturizer that absorbs quickly, leaving the skin very nourished and never greasy. Frankincense is featured in the essential oil blend, along with other compatible oils, giving Men in Mind a very pleasing aromatic scent that women also enjoy.


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R/O Purified Water, Vegetable Emulsifiers, Sal Butter, Cold Pressed Oils of Coconut, Jojoba, Sunflower, *Castor & Macadamia, Veg. Glycerin, Vitamin C (nonGMO), Vitamin E (non-GMO), Optiphen caprylyl glycol (broad spectrum antimicrobial, free of parabens), Essential Oils: Rosewood, Frankincense, Lemon

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