Gua Sha Stones




A modality of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Gua Sha has long been used as a treatment to encourage Chi to move through the body.  It does so via the use of tools, preferably energetic stones, such as available here.

These stones enable the user to practice self-massage on their face and neck.  In so doing, one can drain excess fluid from the face or neck, de-puff, tighten and contour the facial skin.  It helps with fine wrinkles and lines.  It also helps to release tension in the jaw area.

Another significant benefit of this time honored massage is lymphatic drainage which supports the entire lymphatic system; so important as we age!

Choose from three different stones, each of which add their own energy to the process. So easy to use:

Simply clean the skin to be treated, then apply oil and/or face cream to the area to allow glide as you sweep that area with the stone.  Your skin needs to be moisturized first to prevent irritation and pulling of the skin.  Use the contoured stone to sweep from the center of your face and chin outward to the ear.  Be very gentle around the eye skin.  Do this many times slowly, gently and upwards for a few moments.  Always clean your stone after each use with soap and warm water.  With proper care, you will be able to use it for years to come!


Rose Quartz – $20   Black Obsidian – $20   Amethyst – $22

Buy three or more and save $2.00 per unit

Gua Sha Stones for self massage.  Just a few minutes per day provides significant benefits of contouring, tightening and stimulating blood flow to facilitate lymphatic drainage and improve skin quality and appearance!