Bundled Trio with Loofah Sponge

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Our basic, indispensable facial trio: Sea Rose Cleanse Lotion, Naturose Skin Toner and Naturose Face Cream, now includes a natural loofah sponge!  Use your Loofah Sponge together with Sea Rose Cleanse Lotion and receive many benefits.  Please view our blog, posted on December 19th to learn more…  Then spray your face with Naturose Skin Toner, followed by Naturose Face Cream.  Your skin will love you for it!  Each loofah sponge will last up to one month, if you allow it to dry thoroughly after each use.  This will prevent bacterial growth.

Packages of a dozen loofahs may be purchased at our website as well. 

New Product Package: Sea Rose Cleanse Lotion, Naturose Skin Toner, Naturose Face Cream and Natural Loofah Sponge!