It seems more people than ever are dealing with hair loss and seeking effective solutions!  Between constant unresolved stress, poor diet/insufficient nutrients, medical conditions and the continuing toll created by the pandemic, so many are experiencing unwanted effects in the integrity and volume of their hair. 

Glo & Grow Hair/Scalp Care was created at the beginning of the pandemic to address this problem!  It incorporates the best of Nature’s carrier oils and essential oils in a synergistic blend to nourish and restore hair, while relieving the scalp of unwanted irritations.  Unlike many commercial and chemical based products, there are no compromises or unwanted/negative side effects from using Glo & Grow Hair/Scalp Care! 

The fact that so many people continue to use this product indicates they are seeing positive results.  Here is one comment from a very happy store manager in Ontario:

“The Glo and Grow hair oil is such a beautiful product, it is an absolute pleasure to show this to customers and share the blessings you put into your products.”


Julia Saunders, Nature’s Emporium, Newmarket, ON

Are you aware of what’s in your skin care products?

And that all it takes is a tiny amount applied to your skin, every day, to create a carcinogenic (cancer causing) effect in your body….over time? Not to mention an aging effect!

It’s important to know that all mass produced/commercial skin care products and makeup contain at least one or more of the following dirty, toxic ingredients:

1) BHA & BHT (butylated hydroxyanisole) and (butylated hydroxytoluene)
2) DEA related ingredients (diethanolamine)
3) dibutyl phthalate
4) formaldehyde releasing preservatives
5) parabens
6) parfum (aka fragrance)
7) PEG compounds (polyethylene glycols)
8) petrolatum
9) siloxanes
10) sodium laureth sulphate
11) triclosan
…..and there are others not mentioned here……..

Please visit to learn about our clean, green, wholesome, hypo-allergenic, concentrated with nutrients, for sensitive skin, free of cheap fillers, affordable products! We continue to create them the old fashioned way; in small batches, in house, by hand, using healthy, unbleached, unrefined raw materials.
We specialize in naturally anti-aging skin care!  You will feel and see a big difference in your skin 🙂
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I was slow to realize this most basic form of self care, but now it’s top priority to me internally and externally!

I’ve explored various ways to hydrate, such as drinking oxygenated, structured, well, spring, reverse osmosis, distilled, carbonated and ozonated water.  They have all contributed to improved health, inside and out.  Tap water is not on the list due to many impurities, chemicals and other components known to be harmful!

Then I learned that as we age, our cells don’t hold water as efficiently as during our youthful years.  This means that extra effort is required to remain hydrated, which means a healthier you!  And this means that applying healthy skin care products to your precious skin becomes increasingly important!

The products in the photo here all serve the purpose of hydrating your skin in the most natural, clean and healthy.  They are all tried and true remedies for restoring your skin to a well nourished, hydrated, rejuvenated state 🙂

Give us a try!  Your skin and nose will be very happy with the results!!