Enhance your skin cleaning and toning experience with a natural Loofah sponge, included in the special price for this product trio!

This loofah (luffa) sponge derives from dried fruit; indian or egyptian cucumber or a tropical gourd.  Larger versions of loofah are used on the body. 

Benefits: It facilitates removal of toxins, dirt, makeup and sweat from your skin. Massaging gently and upwards with your cleanse lotion increases blood circulation to your skin, as it opens your pores and improves the integrity/health of your skin.

Use your Loofah sponge together with Sea Rose Cleanse Lotion to cleanse and exfoliate in the most natural way.  Gentle application to your delicate facial and throat skin will help to remove dead cells, encourage new cell growth, stimulate circulation and help to tone your skin.  Your loofah sponge will last for up to 1 month, if you allow it to dry out after each use (important to prevent bacterial growth). 

You may purchase a dozen at a time (at website) which will last you up to one year with proper care 🙂

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