Boswelia (Frankincense) oil, essence from gum, ruled by the Sun, is a yang oil and boasts very many healing properties and applications! 

Literature suggests its first use, approximately 5,000 years ago, was as incense to drive away evil spirits that were believed to the cause of people’s sickness.  The english word derives from the french “franc encens”.

Frankincense was a highly prized substance of the ancient world, regarded as equally valuable as gems or precious metals.  We all know of the offering of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the infant Christ. 

Egyptians used it in rejuvenating face masks; maybe this was its first usage in skin care!  Today, we still use and blend it together with compatible oils, such as Rose, Lavender and Neroli in skin care. One can create their own effective blends, with a little intuition and working knowledge of the properties of this oil!

In cases of illness and infections, it is blended with oils that create a synergistic effect; eg. in bronchitis, coughs, ulcers, laryngitis, digestive issues and many other conditions.  Being astringent, it is useful for haemorrhages, both uterine and pulmonary. 

In skin care, we use it as part of an anti-aging, rejuvenating formula.  In 20 years of creating organic, vegan skin care products, I haven’t met one person who is allergic to it or who finds it unpleasant to smell or apply to their skin. 

We use it in our #1 product, Naturose Face Cream, as it contributes to a youthful complexion and helps to prevent wrinkles.   It is truly one of Nature’s beautiful gifts! 

Lavender Essential Oil: 

Lavender is a warming and comforting essential oil.  Usually regarded as the most versatile and useful essence for therapeutic purposes, it is mostly cultivated in France, although English lavender is available also! 

Many describe lavender as a balanced oil on the yin-yang scale as it will treat many conditions of the body and mind.  It is renowned for its use in headaches and migraines, nervous conditions, heart palpitations, inflammation, burns, eczema and many others.  Lavender oil also benefits the “itis” conditions, such as cystitis, halitosis, bronchitis and others.  Where there is an emotional or nervous problem, Lavender oil will be of assistance, such as in a nervous stomach, a carminative for the stomach, colic in infants, etc.  Its antiseptic properties make it useful in treating skin infections, burns, insect bites, such as bee, wasp, mosquito, gnat, even nettle stings.  Great also for ear, nose and throat infections.  Although it is very useful in treating burns, it is not an effective sun screening agent. 

Lavender is even more beneficial when combined with other oils for the purpose of enhancing their effectiveness.  Example: use it together with Chamomile oil in a bath or foot bath to relieve physical and nervous fatigue.  Or try lavender, vetiver and bergamot oils in a massage oil or lotion to calm, yet uplift mind and body.  Beaulance NaturEssence Lotion provides this same blend to soothe and comfort mind & body! 

Knowledge of Lavender’s properties, together with a little imagination will serve you well in creating your own custom blends!