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Margaret Mackintosh is the founder and sole proprietor of Beaulance Natural Skin Care. In 2000, I decided to start off the new millenium with a new business in Natural and Organic Skin Care featuring wildcrafted herbs, oils and botanicals.

It really started with an article about pure essential oils that I happened to read in a health journal. I had a strong instinctive feeling that I should pursue a study of them and so I did. One course led to another and from there, I established my own line of really clean, chemical-free products to address the concerns and interests of so many people (myself included) with sensitive skin, but also those who choose to be pro-active in protecting the environment as well as their own health.

Ongoing research, Aha moments, 'mistakes' and consumer feedback have all helped us to continue innovating and improving our formulations, creating new ones and striving for better and better products.

We are dedicated to our principles of purity and integrity as our business grows. With this in mind, our pace of growth is slow and steady, which allows us to honor and maintain the high standards with which we started. Being a small company, we are available to address your questions and concerns.

Our products are not for women only! Men can do wonders for their skin by using our products. Check out our products page for pricing and to learn more about our Natural and Organic Skin Care products.

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Hi Margaret

A friend gave me several of your products for my last birthday and now that I've used them up I am so happy to order them for myself! I love them, and look forward to trying a few new ones too. Thank you for making a great clean product that suits the skin of this 55 year old beautifully.

Toronto, ON
Thank you Margaret
Your skincare line Beaulance is Amazing! I have used many products over the years, natural, organic and chemically based. My best experience is the most radiant, youthful skin after using Beaulance.

- Anna
Mansfied, CA, USA

I serendipitously ran into you today while I was purchasing your lovely eye cream at Lifestyles Market. I first discovered your products at a craft fair in the fall where I purchased your face moisturizer and fell in love! Honestly, I had never used anything that actually left my face feeling moist, soft, fresh, full and vibrant. After a couple of weeks I could not only feel but SEE the difference. My skin looked amazing. I then went to lifestyles to purchase your toner and am now onto the eye cream. I can't wait to get my hands on every item in the line. Again, honestly I have tried MANY moisturizers and none even compare to yours. Thank you so much for these amazing products!!

- Rachelle Scroggs
I have loved your products for years and hope to buy them for as long as I live ;-)

- Sandra
I am a Certified Nutritionist, Makeup Artist and Skin Care Specialist. I MUST reach out to you and tell you how unique and special your product line is. No other skin care line remotely comes close to yours. Whether I am recommending products such as Golde Serum Facial Oil, Sea Rose Cleansing Lotion or Natural Sun Lotion, I know the client is going to come back to me and thank me for the recommendation, I am sure of this because they always do!! I highly recommend your skin care line to my clients and use them daily myself!!

- Rhonda Shulman, B.Sc.
Makeup Artist
Hello Margaret,

My husband, Rod, and I, Jill, met you at a Crafts Fair this past Christmas.

I am writing to say that the Sunscreen we bought from you, as well as the Col-ha-gen Serum, have been fabulous. We are currently in Mexico and I am someone who protects myself from the sun, and your sunscreen is so amazing. I'm writing to say thank you for your wonderful products. We are loving them.

- Jill
Good morning Margaret,

I wanted to share that I love your products. I am enjoying the hand and body lotion and now the sun tan lotion. I find that you do not need a lot of the product and it goes a long way. It absorbs in the skin without a feeling of product on my skin. I am truly grateful for all the love and work that goes into making your product. Thank you for making a healthy product. I will be sharing about your products with others. Have a great day!

- Janice
Hi Margaret,

Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the Beaulance products. For the first time in my life I am actually using a "system". I am using the Sea Rose cleanse Lotion, the Golde Serum, and the col-HA-gen serum. I like it because it is simple to use. More importantly, with the cleanse lotion I actually see a difference, there is dirt in the cotton pad and my pores are visibly smaller. I love the feel of the Golde Serum and Col-HA-gen. Now I wish I had taken a before photo because the "after" is looking really good…fewer wrinkles around my mouth and eyes. Compared to my friends, I look great for a person whose job is in the sun and other weather elements.

This product is delivering on its promise and what I really love is that it is VERY reasonably priced! Thank you so much for your in-store demonstration. All we ever want is results, and this product delivers…at an affordable price…which makes me really smile … with fewer wrinkles.

- Linda Schaumleffel, July 2017
B.Ed. (UBC), Olympian (rowing)
Nordixx Canada Master Certified Instructor
Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, Coach
"Dear Margaret,

I stumbled across Beaulance products while looking for something to help heal and prevent acne. I'm 36 and was having the worst skin of my life! Dry, sore, lots of breakouts that took forever to heal. I had spent thousands on trying to find something that would work for me, spa treatments, medical grade skincare etc... but nothing worked. I first tried the golde serum and was surprised how much my skin drank it in. I then added the Sea rose cleanser and the Naturose moisturizer in and I am so pleased to say that my skin is now acne free, and all the old scars are healing. I can't tell you how happy and relieved I am. This has changed my life, and I am so grateful for your soothing, healing products. Keep up the good work!"

-With gratitude, Heidi in Metchosin, May 2017
Dear Margaret,

I have been buying your Gold Serum oil for over two years and want to share with you that it has made a big difference for me. i have a skin condition on my face called Rosaeca and have in the past needed to use a harsh topical skin medication and what i have noticed is my skin condition rarely flares up and not as severe and i never need to use that medicated cream anymore. i am very careful about sun and wind exposure, stress and diet but i know this oil is really effective at soothing and calming my skin. its a change switching to an oil base product and i see it does NOT cause oily skin or blocked pores as some people may worry about. I never have dry skin. i am really pleased with your product and hope that others with my skin condition will try it.

-Julia Rose, March 2017
Top 3 Picks Of Sun Lotion For The Whole Family
https://twitter.com/CanadianGlam1, by Tiffany Schwartz

Choosing a sun lotion isn't always as easy as it appears to be, with so many choices on the market and different skin conditions you may find yourself having a difficult time. This summer my family and I put a few to the test from a tanning accelerator for mom, right down to a natural sun lotion for baby we have chosen our top 3 picks.

Our First Choice: Beaulance Natural Sun Lotion

If you are looking for an all natural sun lotion with no harsh or harmful chemicals then look no further. This outstanding sun lotion was put to the test while on family vacation this summer. I chose this sun lotion in particular for my 1 year old daughter. With sensitive skin I struggled with finding a product that would not only protect her from the harmful rays but also not create a bigger problem with an outbreak of hives. This product kept her well protected, and with its added benefits, moisturized her skin as well. This will remain a staple in our family and I truly believe a must have product for all. This product can be purchased off the website at www.beaulance.com

I would like to say how happy my husband and I are with your products!! They are amazing. My husband was having problems with dry skin patches on his face and I suggested he try some of my Sea Rose Cleanser and the Naturose Face Cream. After only a few days his skin is renewed…soft and no more dry patches! It looks younger and healthier and feels amazing. He is impressed!! I have been using your products myself for several months and absolutely LOVE them! We won't use anything else. What could be better for you than all natural, truly organic products made in Canada by Beaulance, a small independent company who is dedicated to producing only the healthiest of products to use on your skin!!

-Namaste, Bev
Hello Margaret!

I recently met you at Lifestyles Market on Douglas Street.You generously gave me samples of three of your products.

I have now tried all three. I have very sensitive, fair skin with many allergies. I did not suffer any reactions to your products. I really like your formulas and have found that they all did what they were formuated to do. I love them!

Thank you for taking the time to explain your products and of course for the free samples. You have gained a steady client. I will be using your product line and I will be letting other friends know of my discovery. It is nice to support a local business women who has obviously done her homework with the development of her product line.

-Cheers, Joy
Victoria, B.C.
Hello Margaret!

I just want to say, after having had really difficult, sensitive acne prone skin, your products have worked wonders for me. I've been using them for about a month now and have seen drastic results. I purchased the Sea Rose Cleansing lotion and the Naturose Face cream to test your products out. I will now be purchasing your toners and your oils as well. I am sure that my skin will improve even more with those products! Thank you for making the type of product that works for my skin, as I've spent many frustrating years trying to improve my skin. :)

To tell you honestly that I have tried many different variations of creams and yours is number one. I have dehydrated skin and sensitive but your products have worked wonders on my skin. The products have given my skin softness that no other product has and makes it feels so healthy and glowing. My family have already given me such positive feedback and said my skin looks great and only after a couple of applications.

Definitely will keep on using your product and I am sure that as time goes on, the results will be even more fantastic.

Thank you so much.

-Heidi, Victoria
Hi there :)

I was recently in a Lifestyles health food location, and I met one of your representatives named Margaret. She was very kind and was handing out samples of your products. I've since fallen in love with the Sea Rose cleansing lotion. It's the only makeup remover I've used that can fully take off my make up and do so without burning my eyes. It's amazing! (As I'm sure you know :D). Thank you so much!

-SH:), Victoria
Hi Margaret,

For many years I've been going back and forth with using different products, and I couldn't find what was good for my skin. I believed in a lot of gimmicks, and I was even going to a high end spa at one point thinking that only expensive products would be able to work. I struggled for many years with trying to find something that worked for my skin without breaking the bank, and throughout that time I became very frustrated with all the money that I was spending and not getting results. Overtime I slowly started to become more aware of the environment, chemicals, animal testing, and so forth. I started to do my research and I discovered Beaulance. I thought it would be worth a shot since I've never tried purely natural skin products on my skin before. I felt the difference when I started using the products, and I could actually feel my skin getting the nourishment that it needed. It was surprising to know that the products that I was using were actually causing an imbalance in my skin, and it was a big culprit in what was causing my breakouts. I feel at ease knowing that I am now using products with natural ingredients that will only benefit my skin. Thank you once again for the products that have been created, they are truly a gift to the biggest organ on our bodies.

-Eliane Snels
Hi Margaret,

I visited the Village Market at the Waldorf School much earlier this year and came upon your stand. You gave me a sample of the SeaRose Cleanser and I also purchased the Naturose Face Cream.

Not to get so testimonial about it or anything -- but I have never tried nor found anything close to the quality of formula I felt was in both items. I'm 28yrs old, I LOVE cosmetics including trying all different types of face creams and not that I have such tricky skin or anything (combination/ oily). But wow -- this rose cream is the best makeup primer, day cream, skin smoother, and night softener all-in-one. I can use this cream anytime of ANYday and not expect anything less than evenness, softness, and omg the best part yet: all natural ingredients!! I honestly didn't think I may ever settle on a *single* face cream I could not live without -- but your high calibre product is definitely making me a convert! The fact alone that I've gone online to get it faster as I'm running out speaks to this, as I am definitely an in-store cosmetic shopper trying out the next new thing, and rarely buying the same cream twice. The SeaRose Cleanser was very much like heaven in a little tiny jar. When I followed that up with my usual tiny dollop of the Naturose... I literally felt like my skin looked 5 years younger.

Thank you for taking the time and care to create such amazing natural products! I for one, truly appreciate it. Thanks Margaret, Have a great day

-Tara Spinney
A very knowledgeable person with amazing products, believe me when I say her products take the itch away from my ailing hands!!!

:) - Caroline
Hello Margaret,

I just wanted to tell you how much I love GLAmor. It's like a miracle product. It makes my skin so soft and supple. It really does feel like I am giving nourishment to my skin. The oils absorb into my skin so quickly but it never feels oily. You are gifted!

-Sherry Lee
"Dear Margaret,

I became familiar with Beaulance at the Eco Beauty Market in Toronto. As I was new to organic and natural products, I was hesitant at first to try products that I had never heard of. I was not sure if they would really work. Within one day, I noticed that eczema that I had on my forehead in the form of little tiny bumps (that I have had for YEARS) all of a sudden disappeared. Since that day, I have not touched anything else and I swear to you, I will not try anything else for the rest of my life.

Friends, co-workers and strangers at the grocery store always stop me and comment on my skin. They tell me how glowing and clean it looks and feels. I don't feel a need to wear make-up (only when I want to).

I HIGHLY recommend Beaulance to everyone. I love it! I have spread the word to others and will continue to do so!"

"I started using the Golde Serum Facial Oil about a year ago (along with the Sea Rose Cleansing Lotion) and my skin feels fantastic! What I really like is a small bit goes along way. I'm also using two of the lipsticks which are very moist. I am very pleased with the products and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. And they are reasonably priced."

Nancy Ritchie
"Dear Margaret

Just a testimonial on how wonderful your products are. I am very sensitive to all chemicals. Your eye cream, cleanser, moisturizer ended up in my eyes. I had no reaction to any of these which is short of a miracle. It proves to me that your products are really unique and healthy. My favourite is the cleanser. It is so rich and creamy that I feel like a goddess when I use it. Your eye cream works as well as the most expensive products I have previously tried except it feels more wholesome. The moisturizing cream actually tightens your skin, having a great firming effect which older women, myself included appreciate. I can hardly wait to try your other products. Thanks!"

-Saundra Arnold
"I love the face cream. It goes on smooth without a greasy film, yet moisturizes well for day and night. Definitely won't go back to any store bought creams."

-Sharon F.
"Hello Margaret,

I am in love with your Tamanu Oil. It helped heal a wound that I had been trying to heal for weeks! It also has helped with my daughters dry skin. I cannot wait to try it on other ailments as they pop up.

The Unscented Lotion has a very nice texture. The scent is, well unscented, but the ingredients have a scent of their own. It smells like plants, earth...to me, that is a great thing! It tells me that is what is in the bottle. I usually add a little Lavender or other EO to create the aromatherapy effect I am seeking."

- Sarah Herbert
"Dear Margaret,

Beaulance skincare has truly changed my life, as three years ago I began getting eczema on my face in my mid 20's. It was so bad that I was constantly itching and had red inflammation and visible flakey skin.

After I started using the Naturose face cream and Sea Rose cleanser my skin started to clear up. I tried so many products to no avail. But the Naturose cream was the only topical product that would calm the red inflammation and itch! To be able to meet with the person who is actually hand-making my skincare is a rarity and I am so grateful for you truly natural, superior and locally made products.

I always look forward to trying more of your new products that I know I can trust and that I see and feel dramatic results when I use them.

Thank you very much!"

- Katy Kingsley, Toronto, ON
"I am very happy using Margaret's Sea Rose Cleanse Lotion for my shaving cream I have been using it for several years now. It has a mild nourishing lather and I am left with nice soft skin ready for the other products. It also cleans off of my razor very easily."

- Dennis Kuntz, Electrician, London, ON
"I ordered the Golde Serum a while ago and truly loved the product. I then got side tracked for a while and happened upon it in my bathroom cabinet, brought it out and used what was remaining. The texture, scent and effect on my skin rekindled my interest and I immediately ordered some more. Margaret sent me some samples and the facial cream in particular and it not only filled me with a sense of well-being, but gave my skin a beautiful glow that lasted throughout the day. Thank you Margaret, for your wonderful products and integrity."

- Suzin
"I was introduced to your products recently where I purchased the Belleza Body Butter. As well as being a wonderful body moisturizer, some of the other great uses was that it gently faded my scars and softened my cuticles. I look forward to purchasing the whole facial line!!"

- Glenys Douglas
"Thank you Margaret!

We'd have to say that you were one of the bright spots of the Green Living Show. Your product is a breath of fresh air in amongst that burgeoning "forest of products". We like your products. The kids love the lip gloss!! They even fought over one of the limes LOL. You have a unique product line."

- Bill and Linda Devonshire
"I love your sunscreen and it is not greasy or shiny on my skin. I don't burn at all. I have been looking for a sunscreen that doesn't have any junk in it and works for a long time Thank you!!!!"

- Catherine
"Hi Margaret,

I just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with your products that I bought about a month a go over the labor day weekend at the village market. I bought the cleanser and the natureose face cream. My skin feels clean and glows and I love washing my face! I even noticed that my cholasma (from my pregnancy 4 years ago...has faded a little bit). Thanks very much."

- Janis Cohen

Skin care has been a priority to me since my teens. So, for 32 years I used top of the line French skin care lines. Then, about 10 years ago, I met Margaret and started using Beaulance products. I am absolutely delighted with these products. Margaret is truly the "Guru" of skin care. What amazes me too is that she is consistently improving each and every product.

Today due to medications, I have a major challenge with hyper-photosensitivity. Here is a story that I would like to share about using the "Golde Serum Facial Oil". Last Spring I had a very large solar keratosis on my left temple. It looked like a big wart covered with an ugly scab. Very faithfully I used the serum alone or mixed with the Sun Screen. About 6 weeks later the scab fell off and there was not even the least little mark or scar. That is extraordinary! You can be sure that I will never be without the serum.

Margaret, thank you so much for your dedication and research in creating a leading edge skin care line."

- Johanna Lazzara
"Hi Margaret, I have been using Beaulance Natural Skin Care after trying it earlier this year for my store. I found the face cleanser and face cream so exquisite that I have been using it ever since. In October, I tried the NaturEssence (Lavender) Hand & Body Lotion on my mother of ninety-one. The skin on my mother's legs was very dry and the lotion has transformed them! I am delighted with the Beaulance line and promote it in my store."
- Christine Henr

The Wheat Berry, Organic and Natural Foodstore, Ottawa, ON
"Hi Margaret,

I wanted to write you to thank you for introducing me to this line of wonderful products. I have used everything from the face cream, body butter, golde serum, eye cream, toner and the sea rose cleansing lotion. I find all of your products to be extremely light and absorbant. I have always found it very difficult to find a product that isn't greasy and that didnt feel uncomfortable on my face. All of your products feel very soothing on my skin and my skin never looks or feels greasy. I am hooked on your line and will continue to use it. It has all the ingredients I am looking for and for a great price. My only question is…when will you introduce an exfoliant? I cant wait!!"

- Sandra Di Iorio

just started my new bottle of Cleansing Lotion and again Margaret, what have you done different? Did you infuse it with extra Reiki? I just love it. It feels more delicate, more moisturizing, seems to cover more and leave the skin so smooth. The fragrance is also wonderfully subtle but very present and pleasing.

As for the Naturose face cream, it is also superb. I just love it too. I feel as if I am getting much more benefits from it than your previous recipes. Thank you for always surpassing your boundaries. You are a true Alchemist!

Again, thank you so much for the prompt service. I tried the unscented body lotion and I just LOVE it. I can't wait to finish my left overs so I can order it. Regarding the eye cream. I don't know what you did but it is better than ever. I just love its consistency. Also, about the body butter: I mentioned that I use it on my feet and it does a great job, PLUS it keeps my toe nails supple and easier to trim. More to come from me later. Blessings!"

- Johanna
"Hi Margaret,

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy using all your products. I started with the face products and I love them.

First they smell and feel so good when you use them that it wakes me up in the morning and are comforting before I go to bed. I must also tell you how many compliments I get on my skin. In the past I struggled with skin problems. It was embarrassing and I tried everything. Now I feel so good when people ask me what I am using because they love the way my skin looks. They actually look perplexed that it can look so good. I feel like I have a magic secret to youthful skin. I smile and always tell them about your products.

I also want to let you know that over the winter break I was in Barbados. I used your sun lotion and it was amazing! I have been down there in the past and had problems with burning. I admit I was apprehensive at first because of all the advertising for high numbered sun block. I used your product and I did not burn at all. I was in the water a fair bit and no problem. It also did not feel greasy. I was relieved that I no longer have to use the heavy laden chemical products to be protected. Well Done! I don't know how you do it, but everyone should be using your products!

Thank you for your continued efforts to bring us high quality natural products. I never thought I'd say this about skin care but I love using your products! They make me feel so good!."

- Sharon
"Dear Margaret,

As you know I have been treating myself with a radical new alternative biological medicine combination I have found effective in moving toward a cure for my seven year deteriorating and increasingly dangerous prostate cancer. In fact, current indications are I'm cancer free. The path toward this began during a business visit to China, where I met this psychic Buddhist monk who sternly advised me to seek an alternative to the treatment my doctors thought imperative, namely radiation therapy, which often has disastrous side effects if one needs to travel. One of the side effects of this combination at the beginning of treatment is extreme skin irritation. The skin itches to the point that scratching breaks the surface and numerous mini-scabs form as scratch lesions heal. I tried your Beaulance Skin Smooth and the irritation ceased permanently and the skin totally healed in about 4 days. Congratulations on an excellent product. I will be passing along this recommendation to contacts wishing to benefit from reviewing the report on the experimental findings re PC."

- Austen Barnes
"We bought your product Mos Quit O last year and we were very satisfied. Our son was very happy, because they used it on their three year old daughter as well. The smell is very delicate, not "wild" as some other products we tried previously. All in all, you have an amazing product. Thank you."

- Peter Komlos
"As a red head, I burn easily and I always wear sunscreen when I am outdoors. I tried Beaulance Natural Sun and I loved it. I wore it for four hours while gardening and it did not feel heavy or greasy. I did not burn and I did not feel like I needed to shower to get it off."

- Heather Velocci
"When my one year old daughter started walking in the spring of 2006 (and could no longer be kept in the stroller and away from the sun) I was very disappointed that I could not find a chemical free sun screen. What a relief it was to come across Beaulance Natural Sun! I just could not believe how well it worked. My daughter stays outside for at least 4 hours each day and she never sunburned. It feels good to put something on your child that is purely natural. My good friend uses this product on her 2 young children and swears by it too. What a great product! I will continue to use it and would recommend it to everyone. Thank you for your commitment to our health and the health of our planet."

- Anya
"Thank you so much for taking the time to follow up and the prompt next day delivery. I am extremely happy with your skin care line. I have spent many hours trying to find a line that was natural and that contained rose as a key ingredient for radiance. A lot of high end face products are filled with chemicals and other ingredients that do more harm than good. After only a few days of usage my skin is truly glowing. Your products are a true gem and more people should take the time to educate themselves on what kind of products they are putting on their skin. Thank you for helping my skin restore most of its natural glow...I do not even feel the need of using foundation any more."

- Jessica Magno
"Thank you so much for taking the time to follow up and the prompt next day delivery. I am extremely happy with your skin care line. I have spent many hours trying to find a line that was natural and that contained rose as a key ingredient for radiance. A lot of high end face products are filled with chemicals and other ingredients that do more harm than good. After only a few days of usage my skin is truly glowing. Your products are a true gem and more people should take the time to educate themselves on what kind of products they are putting on their skin. Thank you for helping my skin restore most of its natural glow.…I do not even feel the need of using foundation any more."

- Nita Hill
"I have been using Beaulance for many years now. I find Beaulance products to be of the highest quality. Energetically, I find them to be unsurpassable. My skin remains youthful, even at the age of 52, and I owe this to Beaulance."

- Marli Joy
"My mother says this is the best face cream she has ever used in her life (she is 82 years old). Beaulance creams both smell and feel really nice. They're natural and they're very reasonably priced for their quality. Margaret has passion and knowledge in what she does and always keeps her customers first in her mind."

- Jean
"I have been using the products for the past 3 years now and continue to notice improvements in my skin. Sea Rose Cleanse Lotion does not leave my skin dry after applying like some products. The eye cream relieves puffiness and dryness around the eyes. Naturose face cream is good for getting rid of blotches and dark spots. Also, the cost of Beaulance products is affordable."

- Viola Ford
"Since I've been using Beaulance face cream I've noticed that the problem I had with dryness has improved a lot. As well, surprising as it seems, the eye cream is quite good for my hands and elbows."

- Jennifer Driscoll
"I have been using Beaulance products for approximately 3 years now. I love everything about them. First of all, my favourite is the cleansing lotion. It is unlike any other cleansing product I have used. It is so gentle and milky that you feel like you have just put moisturizer on your face. The products are so clean (as in chemical free) and have such a wonderful fresh smell. I don't hesitate to use them and I also don't hesitate to recommend them to everyone else. My daughters have been using them as well. Before they started using Beaulance, I was very hesitant about letting them use anything, as I did not want them to be putting any kind of chemicals on their skin. They are 11 and 14 now, and they love them as well. Even my husband has started using the cream on his face after he shaves. Thank you Margaret for making such a wonderful skin care line."

- Laura
"Good Afternoon: My sister and I were at the market on Saturday morning and below are my comments.

I have suffered from acne for the most part of my teens and early-mid 20's. I have spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on natural and non-natural products only to have very little success. I have recently discovered the Beaulance Natural Skin care line and I am AMAZED by how my skin looks. I noticed a difference within weeks. The moisturizer is suited for any skin type (my sister and I both use it and have different skin types), the sun lotion does not cause breakouts and price(s) are affordable. I have recently purchased the eye cream and am also very pleased. I recommend this line of beauty products to anyone, regardless of age and skin type."

- Marcia, 28
"Hi Margaret,

I enjoyed meeting you today. I have suffered for years with acne and dry/sensitive skin and have spent a small fortune on all types of skin care products, both natural and not. Of all the products I have tried, the Naturose face cream is the absolute best. It provides amazing moisture for my skin without being greasy and has actually improved my acne. It smells and feels fantastic. I have recommended it to all my familly and friends and we're all addicted! I also recently tried the Natural Sun lotion and it too is wonderful, providing non-greasy protection that I can even wear under make-up."

- Marisa Daniel, Age 25
I told you that I was going to send you an email letting you know how the products were working for me ! and It is with great pleasure that I can tell you that I haven't been happier! I was on an never ending quest to find the best natural products out there for my face and I have never been completely happy with any of them! For the first time my skin has not reacted in a rash, dry skin or breakouts. My skin has been soft, smooth, pores are clean, no bumps or rashes, or redness, my skin tone is evening out and most of all my skin feels hydrated and nourished !!! I feel like your products are a miracle!!! I am so happy I met you :) I am going to tell everyone about your products !!!

Thank you for creating such amazing products!!!

- Tanya Solowka, RMT, RNCP
Almost eight years ago I switched to Beaulance skin care, and it's been one of the best decisions I've made for my business! The products are second to none, my clients and myself absolutely adore them!! Amazing quality and consistency! Margaret has become more than just a business associate, she's now someone I consider a close friend. Her kindness, compassion, and professionalism have been things that I have admired about her over the years, and look forward to a continued business and close friendship for many more years! I am so very grateful for you Margaret, thank you so much for all you are, and all that you do!!

Kim Olson, Synerchi Aesthetics

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BC Stores/Outlets:

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  • Lifestyle Markets, Cook St. Victoria
  • Lifestyle Markets, Sidney
  • House of Nutrition, Colwood
  • Duncan Community Farm Store, Duncan
  • Pomme Natural Market, Nanaimo
  • Country Grocer, Salt Spring Island
  • Ruth Lake Lodge, Forest Grove

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  • Nature's Emporium, Newmarket
  • Nature's Emporium, Vaughan
  • Noah's Natural Foods, Bloor location
  • PMW Distribution (formerly Toronto Botanical Gardens)
  • Turquoise Holistic, Markham
  • LynDys Health Foods, London

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