About Us

Margaret Mackintosh is the founder and sole proprietor of Beaulance Natural Skin Care. In 2000, I decided to start off the new millenium with a new business in Natural and Organic Skin Care featuring wildcrafted herbs, oils and botanicals.

It really started with an article about pure essential oils that I happened to read in a health journal. I had a strong instinctive feeling that I should pursue a study of them and so I did. One course led to another and from there, I established my own line of really clean, chemical-free products to address the concerns and interests of so many people (myself included) with sensitive skin, but also those who choose to be pro-active in protecting the environment as well as their own health.

Ongoing research, Aha moments, 'mistakes' and consumer feedback have all helped us to continue innovating and improving our formulations, creating new ones and striving for better and better products.

We are dedicated to our principles of purity and integrity as our business grows. With this in mind, our pace of growth is slow and steady, which allows us to honor and maintain the high standards with which we started. Being a small company, we are available to address your questions and concerns.

Our products are not for women only! Men can do wonders for their skin by using our products. Check out our products page for pricing and to learn more about our Natural and Organic Skin Care products.

Feel free to email us.